FKH Media - Advertising & Film Production Co.

Address: FKH Media, FKH Building, Parvan 2 sq, kabul, Afghanistan
Office:   +93(0) 20 22 33333
Mobile: +93(0) 79 88 88 333
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FKH Media is fully capable to design and undertake commercial and public awareness campaigns throughout Afghanistan. Our expertise includes audience research, identification and mobilization, designing and planning market driven needs campaign, identifying and selecting appropriate media for message dissemination, producing quality media products for message delivery, monitoring and evaluation of the campaign and preparing the final report

Research and Evaluation:

The FKH Media strongly endorses the importance of information base for appropriate planning and programming. It believes that the knowledge gape can be fulfilled through research and evaluations. Therefore, a team of highly qualified professionals works within the FKH Media to conduct qualitative and quantitative researches on thematic areas, evaluations, market and consumer research, audience study for media campaigns, survey and pre-assessments studies.

Media Placement:

We have established close relations with a wide network of media organizations to placement the campaign products. Also the adequate experience of audience research has enabled the FKH Media to gain comprehensive knowledge about the listeners and viewers of electronic media in different parts of the country. It makes our job easy to identify the right source of message delivery to the right audiences.


The process of broadcasting campaign products through media channels is effectively monitored. The timing, numbers and quality of broadcasting are monitored and detailed reports are submitted to the clients.