FKH Media - Advertising & Film Production Co.

Address: FKH Media, FKH Building, Parvan 2 sq, kabul, Afghanistan
Office:   +93(0) 20 22 33333
Mobile: +93(0) 79 88 88 333
              +93(0) 79 88 88 444

Video Production:

This subsection produces documentary and fiction films, radio and television spots and TV, Radio Ads. We can proudly claim that FKH Media is pioneer of innovation and creativity for producing quality video and audio production in Afghanistan. We have made great achievements during our period of operations in Afghanistan. Following are few examples:

  • Over 20 documentary and fiction films
  • Around 100 television and radio spots
  • Over 300 TV Ads

Watch some of our production samples on films, TV Spot, TV ads:
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