FKH Media - Advertising & Film Production Co.

Address: FKH Media, FKH Building, Parvan 2 sq, kabul, Afghanistan
Office:   +93(0) 20 22 33333
Mobile: +93(0) 79 88 88 333
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Fkh Media offers an intensive service for its customers:

This section offers services in design and printing. Quality designing and printing of logo, posters, brochures, billboards and other printing materials are the expertise of this section. The Fkh Media has gained 5-years experience on designing and printing in Afghanistan. So we have completed many huge projects through Afghanistan, some of the big projects implemented by FKH Media are listed as follows:

Quality designing and printing of poster, calendar, flyer, book, sticker and ads gifts for UNEP on Ozone Protection campaign.

Designing and printing poster , billboard , brochures and calendar for ANA (Afghan National Army) which was supposed to recruiting youths in ANA, this campaign lasted 4 years(2008-2005) in 4 regions (north , south , east and west ) and executed by FKH Media company.

Designing and printing book, poster, sticker and pamphlet for USAID

Designing and printing all kind of printing ads for domestic and foreign organizations such as :

  • Reckitt Benckiser
  • Hotel Intercontinental
  • Tabasom Factory
  • Herat Dairy Co
  • Barakat Group
  • Momtaz Group

" The artful designing based on customer satisfaction and accomplishing them with the highest quality based on customer needs is our main slogan and willing in our printing and designing services."

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